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Summary of Terminology Related to FPC Soft Electronic Circuit Board

FPC is a flexible electronic circuit board, which is a highly reliable and flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film as the substrate. Abbreviated as FPC, it has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, and thin thickness.
Flexible electronic circuit board
FPC is mainly used in many products such as mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs, etc. Below, we will introduce the commonly used related terms of FPC online.
1. Access Hole
Commonly referred to as the protective layer Coverlay on the surface of a soft board (a through-hole that needs to be punched out first), used as a solder mask to adhere to the surface of the soft board circuit. But it is necessary to deliberately expose the required hole ring, hole wall or square welding pad for welding, in order to facilitate the welding of the parts. The original meaning of "Access Hole" refers to the presence of exposed holes on the surface, allowing the outside world to "approach" the welding points on the surface of the protective layer. Some multi-layer boards also have such exposed holes.
2. Acrylic
It is a common term for polyacrylic acid resin, and most soft boards use its film as a follow-up film.
3. Adhesive or adhesive
A substance, such as resin or coating, that can complete the bonding of two interfaces.
4. Anchoring Spurs Claw
On the middle or single panel, in order to provide stronger adhesion properties for the hole ring welding pad on the board surface, additional fingers can be added to the excess space outside the hole ring to make the hole ring more solid and reduce the possibility of floating off the board surface.
5. Bandability
A characteristic of Dynamic Flex Board, such as the print heads of computer disk drives, is that the quality of the board connected to it should reach one billion bending tests.
6. Bonding Layer
It often refers to the adhesive layer between the copper skin and the polyimide (PI) substrate in the film layer of multi-layer boards, TAB tapes, or soft board boards.
7. Cover/Cover Coat
The outer circuit of the soft board is not easily soldered with the green paint used for the hard board, as it may fall off during bending. It is necessary to use a soft "acrylic" layer pressed onto the board surface, which can be used as a solder mask and protect the outer circuit, as well as enhance the resistance and durability of the soft board. This specialized "outer film" is specifically called a protective layer or protective layer.
8. Dynamic Flex (FPC) dynamic soft board
A soft circuit board that requires continuous movement, such as the one in the read/write head of a disk drive. In addition, there is also "Static FPC", which refers to a type of soft board that no longer has any movement after being properly assembled.
9. Film adhesive
Refers to the adhesive layer of dry thinning, which can be a film containing reinforcing fiber cloth, or a thin layer of adhesive material without reinforcing material, such as FPC