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What hardware components do you need to purchase for home decoration? What are the general materials of hardware components?

Hardware products play an irreplaceable role in home decoration and are also crucial to many things. Without hardware, the overall structure is incomplete, and some things may not even meet the requirements. So, what hardware components do you need to purchase for home decoration? What are the general materials of hardware components? Don't worry, let's take a look at Jiuzheng Hardware Network below.
Hardware components
What hardware components do you need to purchase for home decoration?
1. Kitchen hardware: sink, faucet, basket, slide, hinge, hook, partition basin, shelf.
2. Bathroom hardware: shower, drain, floor drain, pipe joint, triangular valve, hose, towel rack, clothes hook, storage rack, soap dish.
3. Hardware for doors and windows: door locks, handles, braces, hinges, door closers, handles, latches, window hooks, anti-theft chains, door cleaners, tracks
4. Furniture hardware: three in one connectors, screws, rivets, hinges, slides
5. Plumbing hardware: faucets, showers, sinks, toilet accessories, women's washing accessories, spray massage bathtub accessories, valves, pipeline connectors, valves
6. Decorative hardware: universal wheels, cabinet legs, door noses, air ducts, stainless steel trash cans, metal suspension brackets, plugs, curtain rods, curtain rod suspension rings, sealing strips, lifting hangers, clothes hooks, hangers
7. Decoration nails: grain nails, steel row nails, code nails, cement steel nails, wood screws, Fried Dough Twists nails, splicing nails, self tapping screws, shooting nails, staples, bolts, straight nails, round nails, floor nails
8. Door locks: anti-theft door locks, aisle locks, bathroom locks, bedroom locks, and door locks
Hardware components
What are the general materials of hardware components?
Copper: It is one of the most widely used materials, with good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and good processing performance
Stainless steel: Durable, the more you use it, the brighter it becomes. It has good strength, strong corrosion resistance, and unchanged color
Zinc alloy: Its strength and rust resistance are poor, but its advantage is that it is easy to make parts with complex patterns
Aluminum or aluminum alloy: Ordinary aluminum alloy is soft and lightweight, with lower material strength, but easy to process and form
Plastic: It has the characteristics of easy processing, stable product size, and good surface gloss, making it easy to paint and color. It can also be used for secondary processing such as surface spraying metal, electroplating, welding, hot pressing, and bonding
Ceramics: The material with the best stiffness and highest hardness, with a hardness mostly above 1500HV. High compressive strength, but low tensile strength, poor plasticity and toughness, less prone to oxidation, and has good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts
Baking paint: The color is not as bright as metal, but it gives a relaxed and elegant feeling, and cleaning is relatively easy without leaving any marks
Copper chrome plating: The appearance is bright and soft, and it feels very comfortable to touch. It is beautiful and has a touch, and has good rust resistance. It is very sturdy and durable, and is not easily oxidized
Hardware components
What are the materials of different hardware components?
1. Basket material: stainless steel electrolytic blue
2. Faucet material: stainless steel, all copper, plastic, alloy, ceramic faucet
3. Sink material: ceramic, stainless steel, granite, artificial stone, cast iron enamel, acrylic, artificial crystalline stone
4. Material of floor drain: copper, white copper, bronze, stainless steel, plastic, alloy, cast iron
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