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What is the difference between a snap ring and a spiral retaining ring? What is the use of a snap ring?

Circlip, also known as retaining ring or retaining ring, is a type of hardware fastener that many people may know, but there are many types of them. What is the difference between a Circlip and a spiral retaining ring? They are mainly used for installation in the shaft slots or hole slots of machines and equipment. What is the purpose of the snap ring? Simply put, it plays a role in preventing the axial movement of parts on the shaft or hole. Below, Jiuzheng Hardware Network will explain in detail to everyone.
Snap ring
The difference between the retaining ring and the spiral retaining ring:
There is a significant difference in appearance between the two:
1. The snap ring usually has two process holes for clamping the snap ring pliers, and there are two obvious protrusions at the process holes; The spiral retaining ring does not protrude.
2. The double-layer spiral retaining ring is very similar to the keychain, except that there is a cut angle at the end of the retaining ring steel wire for clamping. Due to the addition of process holes, the snap ring is easier to disassemble and assemble. However, the protrusions at the installation process holes occupy a larger space, which is a problem for both hole and shaft snap rings.
3. Compared to the snap ring, the spiral retaining ring does not have a process hole, making disassembly less convenient than the snap ring. However, the installation space occupied by the spiral retaining ring is smaller, and the appearance is more concise and beautiful. For situations where frequent disassembly is not necessary, the advantage of spiral retaining rings is more obvious.
Snap ring
What is the use of a snap ring?
The snap ring is an important component and belongs to a small equipment component. The specifications are usually very small, but consumers should not underestimate such a small shape. It has a significant role that cannot be underestimated. The shape of the snap ring is generally circular, but there is a gap at one end. Place the snap ring on the equipment that needs to be fixed, and then lock the gap with screws to keep the equipment stable. This is the function of the snap ring. There is also a type of snap ring, which has a shape similar to a spring and has a certain degree of stretchability, which can also keep the object in a stable working state.
The classification of snap rings in daily life is mainly based on the material of the snap ring, and commonly used ones include stainless steel snap rings, aluminum alloy snap rings, iron snap rings, etc. In addition to classification based on material, snap springs also have differences in size and specifications, and different materials and specifications of snap springs have their own unique functions.
Snap ring
The above is the difference between the snap ring and the spiral retaining ring, as well as the explanation of the knowledge question about the use of the snap ring. I believe that after reading it, everyone should have a better understanding. The content is for your reference only, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.